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The Infographics Show
Were you aware of the tricks the casinos use? Do you go there to make money or just to have fun?
Comment from : The Infographics Show

Anthony Monaco
*Talks about how casinos profit off of exploiting human nature
*tries to sell us a class about being smart with money after showing how easily manipulated we are

Comment from : Anthony Monaco

Kyle Rivette
I went to the casino in windsor ont 3 times and beat the house 1x in slots and 2x playing 1 on 1 vs the dealer!
Comment from : Kyle Rivette

Morten Bakke
All well and known, and let it be said that lootboxes are exploiting the same psychological manipulating methods as casinos does. Only they are allowed to aim at kids. Looking at you EA and 2K.
Comment from : Morten Bakke

Some casino's have signs that say the alcohol is so expensive as to, "Deter patrons from over drinking". Drunks want to get wasted so they still pay. If they dont gamble their money away to the casino, they will drink it away.
Comment from : MrBeard17

Desperado The Texas Scratcher
I don’t know where you got your statistics, but the World’s biggest casino is actually in Oklahoma...Winstar world casino...the Venetian is not nearly as big in Macao.
Comment from : Desperado The Texas Scratcher

Slavni Srbin
Casinos are the devil.
Comment from : Slavni Srbin

All of these strategies used to keep gamblers playing. I literally laughed out loud when he says that some casinos won’t even have clocks visible, to even further emphasize staying focused on giving your money away. We’ve used our minds for great things and terribly sinister things also....
Comment from : AstonishingREDD

LM Ripper
Haven't heard someone saying: Im playing on VLT machines to live off. All i hear is i lost this much i lost that much
Comment from : LM Ripper

secret name
you guys never seen the casinos in japan.. there is one on every block.. pachinko or mahjong
Comment from : secret name

KL Acc
Went once in casino, played "Lucky 6" with 30cents that i had in my pocket and won 160$... And luckily never went in Casino again.
Comment from : KL Acc

Layle Chell
Glad I found this video before I made my first trip to Vegas!
Comment from : Layle Chell

Sammy LiffDaddy
I went to a casino for my 18th birthday, put in 60 and won 400,not bad for a first time I just played power wheel the whole time lol
Comment from : Sammy LiffDaddy

Luis Toral
That wy I see casinos is at big mafia????.
Comment from : Luis Toral

Hard Core Gamer
Anybody want to go to a casino just watch 20 minutes of the movie casino. It's like a documentary video it explains everything well ace does lol.
Comment from : Hard Core Gamer

my struggles of have autism
i will never do gambling i already lost over 3000$ in video game micro transactions
and in game "premium" points

Comment from : my struggles of have autism

DL Lambert
I've read Las Vegas NV is now bad, 2019 & going down quick.... hotels, resorts restaurants are losing $. 1 Oct did not help the scene...
Comment from : DL Lambert

I took 20$ from a casino once and never came back
Comment from : 3a3a3a

I spent $200 in coin master because of near misses.
Comment from : MotoXlight

much like how lootbox works
Comment from : Jason

Ode Khalifa
Simple. They steal yours.
Comment from : Ode Khalifa

Mr Oof
The most messed up casino: The Devils Casino. they literally bet your soul
Comment from : Mr Oof

Ed the Red
Just play with house money the original 500 you came to the casino to gamble with, if you win you win and if you lose you lose hahah it's like a video game
Comment from : Ed the Red

Herbert Docallos
better to gamble in a cockfighting...
Comment from : Herbert Docallos

You definitely know what you're talking about.
Comment from : Darsh

Max Paradise
I don't enjoy gambling. I only go if a friend or family member wants to go. I only gamble $20 and once it is gone I am done. The amount I start with is my base line. If I have less than I started with then I am losing, regardless of if I am winning at a game. If I win more than I started with I stop playing and consider that an overall win.
Comment from : Max Paradise

Christopher Brown
I can't believe this is real .I just received $30,000 from expeditetools,com through hack transfer they did for me .
Comment from : Christopher Brown

Ari Arifi
I thought I heard something else than slots. 
Never mind

Comment from : Ari Arifi

Forever Know Forever
By giving people what they want FALSE HOPE
Comment from : Forever Know Forever

Another thing: just like online casinos, casinos give you chips to play with instead of cash directly. This way, you are more disconnected from your money so you don't realize how much you have actually played. Notice how this "in-game currency" is pretty similar to in-game currencies in video games that employ micro-transactions and/or lootboxes. Oh wait... Did I just?? Yes, I did!!! ;-)
Comment from : DudeSwedish

Alan Allos
Have u noticed that they also don’t have any chairs for u to sit in except in front of tables or machines lol. This video shud be req to watch before u enter any casino, poor old ppl getting scammed out of their retirements
Comment from : Alan Allos

irgendn kees
Without having the vid watched:
People Go in, Bet Money,loose IT,leave IT there, ans they keep it?

Comment from : irgendn kees

1108 Studios Executive/Promotions
😂😂🤣🤣I was born in Las Vegas and it's true we just take people's hard earned money
Comment from : 1108 Studios Executive/Promotions

Vince P
The best time to place a bet in a casino is never. The best time to leave is as soon as humanly possible. It's a mathematical fact.
Comment from : Vince P

Arnav Banerji
So casinos gets revenue from stupid people
Comment from : Arnav Banerji

When you go to Vegas for example and gamble you go for fun. You already know you are going to loose the money, the point is to have a great time and enjoy your time there. Just don't go overboard.
Comment from : AdmiralFroggy

Luke Bobcatt
I learned everything on how they make money by watching casino
Comment from : Luke Bobcatt

Your videos help feed my insatiable hunger for ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE
Comment from : DaAlmightyZeus

Chuck's poke
I find nothing entertaining or relaxing at Casinos. Love the food shows and the food. The rest sound the light and people give me a freaking headache. I do agree and thought that I work too damn hard for my money to give it away.
Comment from : Chuck's poke

Gaurav Nath
Casinos are smart
Comment from : Gaurav Nath

tHE sponsor never works - 1000 people still haven't clicked
Comment from : invisibilius

2:01 that's like saying you "almost saw your dad" in a crowd but it was just sum1 similar
Comment from : invisibilius

Juan Garcia
People say im hot and I gambl with hot girls never win because my pokes are allways 🐌
Comment from : Juan Garcia

The largest casino in the world is actually Winstar Casino in Texas. I work for the tribe thar owns it.
Comment from : raindelver

Antoine Obeid
Poker is diffrent, casino take money from rakes, but you take money if ur smater then the opponment, i know i know that you can still loose alot, but the thing in poker is how to win big and how to loose small
Comment from : Antoine Obeid

Eric Krupa
As a casino slots manager..I gotta laugh at most of the comments....
Casinos don’t take anyone’s money. People use their money as toys and willing put it into machines or on tables without a gun to their head. If people don’t gamble at a casino, they will happily spend that money on Powerball or scratch off tickets.
Casino’s don’t give a shit if you win because every machine payout is insured. We like it when someone hits big...that is the best advertising that money can buy...we just pay the insurance premium.
Casino’s make their money on the laws of averages...exactly the same as insurance companies.
Gambling isn’t an addiction...it is poor financial judgment...pure and simple.
Casino’s are one of the most heavily regulated industries I know of with intensive federal and state oversight.
The people who bitch about getting ripped off are just shitty gamblers.
It’s no different than fishing...you don’t go “catching “...you go fishing.
....you don’t go “winning “...you go gambling.
Just because you buy a fishing pole and bait...doesn’t guarantee you will catch a fish. The lake doesn’t owe the fisherman anything...it’s the fisherman’s decision to go try to catch the big one.

Comment from : Eric Krupa

gacha games
Comment from : Darkizer

As i understand it, cellphones themselves aren't designed to be addictive but most of their apps ^^
Comment from : JonnesTT

Jack Mehoff
Here’s my mentality if I go to a casino. My favorite game to play is Blackjack, and for instance I walk in prepared to lose say $500. Why would I gradually bet and dwindle away my money that I know I’m going to lose anyway? But if I bet it all at once, I either walk away broke or twice as wealthy as I walked in with. And with blackjack it’s different I think, it’s a game of skill. Unlike the totally random chances of slots and roulette, in blackjack you can nudge your chances with smart plays.
Comment from : Jack Mehoff

Levi Stepanian
Obviously it you gamble you most often lose
Comment from : Levi Stepanian

Wandering Wolf
thats the point.. if you win big or low... get out as fast as you can... if you are play regular keep lowest possible budget it will keep small wins for sure.. never bring money or cc which is higher than that fixed budget...
Comment from : Wandering Wolf

Moral of the story: Don’t go to casinos
Comment from : Asqvared

I made it be 9.7k
Comment from : SamehBoy

If u go to the casino make sure to play responsible and dont play online lost like 200 online it is not worth it. Just play for fun not to win
Comment from : Soldier237

vuckovic zvonko
I have spent a long time investigating earning games and found a fantastic website at Gamer roadmap rundown (google it if you're interested)
Comment from : vuckovic zvonko

The Almighty
I want to work in a casino as a bartender im going to high school now and going to college in less then years
Comment from : The Almighty

Jesus Ojeda
I work programing and giving maintenance to slot machines around my country (Mexico) so I can give an opinion about not-so-big casinos. I think some folks there are "paying for the experience"- they become friends with other players, the dealers, hosts and whoever they find there (even me sometimes) so they kinda enjoy themselves even if they lose. There is a lot of retired folks who go there mostly to socialize- some are even wise in the way they gamble, so they only allow themselves to lose a bit and then they just stay around chillin' with other players.
Comment from : Jesus Ojeda

Last time I went to Vegas me and my ex made around $360 in one night on slots in little wins ($30 to $100 range). Harrahs and NY NY have loose slots.
Comment from : EsotericOccultist

Dee Gardner
great graphics!
Comment from : Dee Gardner

Apparently North America is just the USA
Comment from : shmaveyea

100000 subs without video challenge
Casinos only give drinks for roulette?
Comment from : 100000 subs without video challenge

100000 subs without video challenge
Just sit at the roulette betting only a couple of dollars and getting the free drinks
Comment from : 100000 subs without video challenge

100000 subs without video challenge
Casinos the only place where people voluntarily go to get ripped off and get their money stolen
Comment from : 100000 subs without video challenge

100000 subs without video challenge
They should count online casinos also there are plenty of those especially cs:go skin sites
Comment from : 100000 subs without video challenge

trump so dumb he cant even run a casino
Comment from : mysteriousfox88

Alternatively, use Skillshare to learn how to play poker
Comment from : AngryBob4213

Don't drink alcohol and leave immediately after you win.
Comment from : GreaterGood510

for some reason i remembered the Movie " 21 "
Comment from : A-CUBE

These bitches make em no sleep
Comment from : Goldivate

MrMus TangMan
I like craps...... C'mon lucky 7......
Comment from : MrMus TangMan

Roy K.
‘Running a casino is like robbing a bank with no cops around.’

Robert de Niro ‘Ace’ in the film Casino (1995)

Comment from : Roy K.

my goal is 5000 subs with no video
Private rooms 😏😏😏
Comment from : my goal is 5000 subs with no video

will matthews
The only people who would wonder how a casino makes money are people who have never been in a casino
Comment from : will matthews

Is this video necessary? Don’t answer that stop gambling foos😂
Comment from : VILLEN S.M.E

The real money is not made by the gamblers, but from money launderering
Comment from : dfqw3frt112

chris corona
Casinos are depressing, they’re full of addicts.
Comment from : chris corona

Casino is nothing, answer this instead:

For every dollar you make, I take 30% of that, and then when you use the 70% of the remaining cash, I’ll take another 10% off that. What am I?

Comment from : FORJUSTICE

Casino is nothing, answer this instead:

For every dollar you make, I take 30% of that, and then when you use the 70% of the remaining cash, I’ll take another 10% off that. What am I?

Comment from : FORJUSTICE

Julio Castro
Can you do one on strictly poker ?
Comment from : Julio Castro

Dakota Neubert
So I've won 1700 on slots, given the machine 100 dollars back when I went back. So now I am at 1600. Than I won 78 dollars my 3rd time back. So I'm sitting 1678 above. Guess I winning casino guy
Comment from : Dakota Neubert

Kevin Ceniceros
Because people become addicted.
Comment from : Kevin Ceniceros

Why is this a video
Comment from : Johan_el_Rey

Eric Troxell
i did my homework about 15 years ago when i went on a short day bus trip to atlantic city. i played blackjack. only had pepsi or coca cola and zero alcohol. i played about 6 hours and only lost about 80$ on the day. so not bad for a fun day. for full disclosure, i did play about 5 minutes on one slot machine (spent about 10-15$ but hit a $50 payout and walked away.) just like you said though, biggest thing is DO YOUR HOMEWORK, DONT DRINK, AND RUN IF U HIT A DECENT PAYOUT.
Comment from : Eric Troxell

Super Zed
Comment from : Super Zed

1,000,000 Subscriber Without A Video
Sheldon Adelson wants to know your location.
Comment from : 1,000,000 Subscriber Without A Video

Minor Patch
Here's the explanation: you are playing five rounds of slot, for example, you play four rounds and kept on losing. You try one more round and you win. That makes you think you can win again so you put more money and repeat.
Comment from : Minor Patch

Seth Larcomb
Walked into a casino, played slots, walked out up 50 bucks. Muahaha!!!
Comment from : Seth Larcomb

Try USA horse racing scams, where most of the races are 2 place races, with low odds winners.
Comment from : Jesusandbible

I live in vegas and im up 4k on slots, I consider myself very lucky
Comment from : Bluemeany

Chey Mįlíoņ
I thought this was by wix am out.
Comment from : Chey Mįlíoņ

Iron Chimp
Groove rings?
Comment from : Iron Chimp

Tony N
"Did the infographics show ask a stupid question?"
Comment from : Tony N

Macau is not really part of China
Comment from : newyorkgame

love humanity
Casinos are for losers.
Comment from : love humanity

There Pachinko slot every where in Tokyo
Comment from : EZ435

Jack Sharples
My favourite casino is the tops
Comment from : Jack Sharples

Keenan Rayne
Learn to count cards. I did and it’s fun. Just don’t get caught!
Comment from : Keenan Rayne

Al J
Key is to just stop playing when you're up. At that point all the mathematics doesn't really matter, house edge or no.
Comment from : Al J

The only way to beat the house every single time......

Stay home u win what u didn’t loose!!

Comment from : Moses

Marian Teshu
Fallout New Vegas Intesifies
Comment from : Marian Teshu

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