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Aunt Nanny C
Ditto! that is extremely annoying and inconsiderate , additionally it messes up your karma so please stop for a moment if you want to take a peek, then move on. Thank you from all of us serious gamblers to all of you.
Comment from : Aunt Nanny C

I play high stakes live bingo.
I'm 6k up

Comment from : J. FILL

If there are a huge number rules before going to a casino to make money... don’t freakin go! Work and hustle. Unless you know how to play poker and you know what you’re doing then okay but the average joe... just work my dude.
Comment from : TheAlmightyPanda78

jonny chingas
Stupid useless video
Comment from : jonny chingas

Rumple Stiltskin
I'll bet that different types of machines, when monitored, can be seen as to how each type pays off and at what average intervals. To come up with those three hour times someone must have been paying attention to average pay-offs for machine type. Is this correct?
Comment from : Rumple Stiltskin

Ja Ha
I think they should just change this to "Don't be dumb, you big dumby"
Comment from : Ja Ha

John Weisel
Okay Dad
Comment from : John Weisel

chris bobobo
i only need one
don't fucking go in

Comment from : chris bobobo

Weblight Dreams
I've only gone twice and both times I lost everything. First time I lost $500 and next time I lost $800.
Comment from : Weblight Dreams

Smug Smugly
Don't pass out is another thing. Best way I know to end up in the Clark County jail.
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Great video guys!! Very informative & very entertaining!! 😊👍
Comment from : hotrodd100

I got jams
#1. DON'T GO IN !!!!
Comment from : I got jams

CJ Judd
I only have one thing to suggest: Never go to a casino.
Comment from : CJ Judd

Chuck G
As soon as I get a big hit, I leave quickly
Comment from : Chuck G

Didivs Ivlianvs
9. make bets
Comment from : Didivs Ivlianvs

John Riley
That actually happens a lot in Blackhawk they try to keep it quite but they do pursue those kind of arrest. In fact they tried that shit with me for 5 fucking cents but it was mine they didn’t even apologize and I had the second highest player card
Comment from : John Riley

lillianne dere
I will never get a credit line with a casino. It’s like signing your death sentence. Always Play with your own money.
Comment from : lillianne dere

Jo Jo
#1 thing and only thing
to never do at a casino is

to be at a casino.

Comment from : Jo Jo

eight inches
Can you clarify No.5. the credit line comment. I thought if you have, say, $5,000 of your money in a Casino acct. and you get a $1,000 marker at a table game, once they give you the chips and you lose them to the Casino then you lost. Now you have a $4,000 balance in your acct. Why do you have to pay it back?
Comment from : eight inches

Dirk Weeber
I want to come back to rule number 7 and let you all know that the Wynn Casino in MACAU, special economy zone of China, enforces that "Colorado Slot Machine" law as well. The casino security informed police and immigration when a friend of mine played there. The amount has been unfortunately an equivalen of about 500 US Dollars somebody forgot in the slot and he did not realize it and thought he won an instant jackpot. How ever - he left the casino and while leaving the country he was busted of immigration - send to police and arrested. He was quite lucky as I pressured the immigration and police and he could leave after spending 18 hours in jail. He came away without paying the amount back - and is now not allowed to enter the country for 5 years and banned of any Wynn asociated casino worldwide. So let me warn all you guys that what is not yours you should NEVER EVER take. Weird rule of law but if there are no higher court rulings about this - it is not to dispute.
Comment from : Dirk Weeber

paul wattaya
big difference from 150 5k pal lol
Comment from : paul wattaya

Jaime Alvarez
Number 1 , Don't put money in it !
Comment from : Jaime Alvarez

Prairie Viking
Being drunk is probably the only way I would ever enter a casino. I'm a farmer. That is high stakes gambling at its finest!
Comment from : Prairie Viking

John T
guy on the right has the exact same voice as james panzer the san jouqain killer from the mentalist :D
Comment from : John T

I did not go to casino allmost 16 years!
Comment from : Powfleck

Don Morgan
Comment from : Don Morgan

Tom Chesney
Let's say you do hit a jackpot of over $1,000 on a slot machine, is there a customary tip amount for the person that comes to pay you?
Comment from : Tom Chesney

Allan Buttery
If you play Bingo in the UK void playing fruit machines because when the Bingo numbers are being called the slot machines automatically shut down.
Comment from : Allan Buttery

Bradley Welsh
People that win that are not actor's get shot and dumped in the river
Comment from : Bradley Welsh

Bradley Welsh
Casino's have actor's working for them that win on game's using a remote control keychain to make the game win so a sucker sits by them
Comment from : Bradley Welsh

Bradley Welsh
Casino's accuse you of casino fraud if you hop around game's
Comment from : Bradley Welsh

Why would you play a game where you have a predetermined expected loss??
Comment from : clarissa35f

Playing 3 hours on a $150 at fifty cents a pull? I don't think that's likely unless you hit some good spins fast.
Comment from : wheelhouse15

D Johnson
I would definitely like to know who they are you refer to they say maybe we should watch they channel OK guys just giving you a hard time I really enjoyed the video is some good advice and good pointers thanks
Comment from : D Johnson

D Johnson
In Mississippi on the gulf coast they serve free drinks as long as you're playing a game . Not to be a smart-ass but maybe I should have wrote a book
Comment from : D Johnson

D Johnson
number one thing not to do in the casino you don't have to write a book guys we already know only take what you willing to lose $100 leave your credit cards bank cards check books at the house
Comment from : D Johnson

but. but. I'm Clark W. Griswold. LOL
Comment from : George

That 200 times your bet formula on a 25 cent to a buck slot machine for 3 hrs of playing time sounds about right. I combine that up w/a great casino meal and head home.
Comment from : b3j8

The best thing to do is to punch yourself in the face before entering the casino and never actually enter. You will thank me later.
Comment from : americanlt100

I love how the bank screws you more than a casino.
Comment from : Dunn123

Constantinos Tsangarides
Hi Steve and Matt, I v' been always very skeptical about the shuffle machines. If the machines can scan the cards and the stuff there is able to go back and check and verify when there is a straight flush or something big going out, how do we know if the casinos don't actually programmed the shuffle machines to work in favor of them.
Comment from : Constantinos Tsangarides

Stanley Rinker
My heart goes out to the senior citizens I get roped into it
Comment from : Stanley Rinker

Stanley Rinker
The House Always Wins
Comment from : Stanley Rinker

Stanley Rinker
One thing don't go
Comment from : Stanley Rinker

David Baines
Loved number two.. Loan shark companies.. Vinnie, Tony, and Pauly, never charged that much!! And F**k Colorado.
Comment from : David Baines

Comment from : trapptowers

Dennis Croak
Fastest way to double your money in a casino, fold it over and put it back in your wallet.....
Comment from : Dennis Croak

sick of liberals
Never put money in the machine, go out and buy something with your money
Comment from : sick of liberals

William Nelson
You can get free soft drinks in Indiana.
Comment from : William Nelson

Greg Pifer
Don't bring Dustan Hoffman
Comment from : Greg Pifer

terence hayes
great video
Comment from : terence hayes

jimbo jones
Never EVER pee into your empty drink glass while playing your favourite slot. Always go pee in the washroom. Found that out first hand at Caesars Las Vegas.
Comment from : jimbo jones

Devon morrison
The drinks zi always get are watered down
Comment from : Devon morrison

You should add not touching other people's money even to help them pick it up from the floor as security might eject you
Comment from : salehw

Nomadic Brian
When there is left credit on a machine like a dollar or less I print out the ticket and stick it on the machine. On a bad day lots of people just get angry and walk away. To me the machine is fair game though. I love it ... 'If I lose one more hand I'm going to jump over there and let you throw me down like a rag doll until security comes and the police come to put me in jail.' 😆
Comment from : Nomadic Brian

Tim Stewart
He left out not pissing in fountain..I didn't do it.🤨
Comment from : Tim Stewart

One World
When I've won at any gambling game I've developed a mantra: "Quittin' while I'm behind". While a recovering substance addict, spending a year clinging to inpatient/outpatient rehab and recovery programs, I recall the night I connected the substance urge and gambling urge. In an AA or NA meeting a newcomer introduced himself, mentioning his visit was not substance-related but all about his gambling addiction.
There's nothing so powerful as anticipation. I already had a $1200/month drug addiction to endure, then set out on a $300/week lottery rampage. The "prospect" in both scenarios was identical..... all about anticipation. When the drugs are depleted, the identical experience occurs when you get no more than 1 winning number on a 7-number game. When the substance addiction has developed, your anticipation becomes an entirely different thing...... it becomes mandatory. When you've lost on a series of lottery tickets, winning becomes mandatory. Either way, not playing the game becomes a potentially "win or die" situation. Out of gas, on dead tags, and withdrawal coming on, 40 miles from home....... whether substance and/or gambling, the point of origin of the consequences is exactly the same. This also occurs with hoarders....... in a documentary a guy had an apartment jam-packed with unopened parcels. He'd purchased items from televised shows, but never actually even saw, much less touched what he bought. The anticipation of the delivery was his puppet master (a Metallica masterpiece). He said the moment he signed for the delivery, it was over. Time for another dose, order some more anticipation.
Sorry, hope someone who might need such insight may benefit...... you're VERY right about the alcohol consumption and judgment. My father shared some wisdom with me relevant to my years as a performing musician..... he was a legendary jazz bassist, told me "when you get high before a gig, you're the ONLY PERSON IN THE CLUB who thinks you're playing better because the chemical gives you 'inspiration'.....". I think it's likewise with alcohol at the tables...... the illusion of your own importance, etc...... goes "poof" in moments, though. Trying again and again to win back the loss....

Comment from : One World

if you don't pay the marker they send Rusty to talk to you.
Comment from : transformer889

Bobby Vegas
Thank you Jethro and Gomer, but who is "they say"?
Comment from : Bobby Vegas

Skywatcher Pennsylvania
The only reason credits are left on a slot machine like that is to entrap people with a law that shouldn't exist! I hope the people that made that law burn in f******Hell ! All that does is ruinq inocent people's lives ! I guess that's why it is a sin to gamble because nothing good can come it !
Comment from : Skywatcher Pennsylvania

Rudy1959 Romero
Don't worry stick to how to win
Comment from : Rudy1959 Romero

Rudy1959 Romero
Sounded like my wife telling my son alcohol
Comment from : Rudy1959 Romero

List of things you should always do in a casino..

1.Take all your money,credit cards to the casino..
2.Get drunk
3.bet big
4.if you have to lose it all go for the gusto!!chances make champions!!
5.dont quit when your ahead!think big and double,triple,quadruple your winnings.
6.if you lose it all,chase your losses,call a close friend or relative and get some cash sent to you via money gram or cash app.
7.go into your 401k if needed..chances make champions and your luck will change.

Comment from : jagman938

He said..Rule number #1 Don’t drink alcohol...
I instantly clicked off this channel soon as he said that statement

Comment from : jagman938

Jeremy Driver
If you expect to lose, why play at all? Obviously you’re not going to win every time, but that reasoning doesn’t make sense to me.
Comment from : Jeremy Driver

#14 thing never to do in a casino.. take a hot steamy shit in the back row in between two machines
Comment from : CleanSlateForge

The only people who can afford to go to the casino are people who really don't need the money. You need a lot of money to win these days at the casino. I have a limit $100.00 and if nothing happens i walk. For the last year i have lasted about a half hour in the casino. So once a month i pay $100.00 for a coffee at the local casino.
Comment from : Bubbles

You need to cut your losses. Set a limit and if things don't work out, walk.Better luck next time.
Comment from : Bubbles

In Las Vegas as long as you are playing a machine you can drink free. Give a nice tip and be polite and you can leisurely play and drink for a couple hours on $40.00. Don't set there and hit the spin button every 10 seconds. Relax have a few drinks and have someone to BS with and spin every once in a while. You might win or you might not, have fun.
Comment from : Lugnutz

I tried that Bad Check/Felony thing! A Star came in the mail with the Clark County D.A. Logo on it. They were very friendly, gave me a little time to pay them, much nicer than your average collector! Enjoyed the Video
Comment from : sfel10

Handy Andy
...and the number 9 thing to not do at a Casino...please DO NOT FART at a busy table. It will NOT get you a seat. Just some dirty looks from the players.
Comment from : Handy Andy

mark mesic
Don't count your money while sitting at the table.......
Comment from : mark mesic

Sadik Meah
I don't gamble for religious reasons but it's nice to see that there are guys like you who are trying to look out for those who do gamble and stopping them from hurting themselves too much. Hats off to you.
Comment from : Sadik Meah

Javier Bustamante
8 things you should never do in the casino
Stay away from gambling does your best bet !!

Comment from : Javier Bustamante

Louis M
I lost everything, went to Vegas with a home, job and a family. I came back without anything, not one red cent, just the clothes on my back!
Comment from : Louis M

Brett W
They better not have a camera on me while I'm trying to drop a deuce in the bathroom.
Comment from : Brett W

Calvin Taylor
Player arrested in Colorado for playing a dollar left in a slot machine. Wow. I know many people who have done this. Never thought it was a big deal.
Comment from : Calvin Taylor

David Isenberg
DONT assume the Mens rooms have glory holes.
Comment from : David Isenberg

Nit TheGrit
Who are "they"?
Comment from : Nit TheGrit

Brian Baker
How secure is your Social Security number? I really don't want to give a casino my information. Is there a way around it. Incorporate?
Comment from : Brian Baker

James Lewis
Five thousand dollars! Sucks to be you. Try gamblers anonymous
Comment from : James Lewis

James Lewis
A hundred dollars a day will last 15 minutes
Comment from : James Lewis

James Lewis
Don't pleasure yourself at the blackjack table.
Comment from : James Lewis

James Lewis
Don't go in the first place.
Comment from : James Lewis

James Lewis
You look like a cute couple.
Comment from : James Lewis

Christine McCarty
Actually I don't like to gamble, because I feel like you might as well go out in our backyard, dig a hole, and throw your money down in there and then bury it forever. We all work hard for our money and even if I won the lottery, I would not want to go gamble to lose part of it. Logically it is just not worth it, it is like either give them the money or keep it for yourself.
Comment from : Christine McCarty

Christine McCarty
Well, if you drink, and that is part of the fun, they are trying to say don't get sloppy drunk, try to maintain command of your physical abilities.
Comment from : Christine McCarty

The fee to use the ATM is $8 bucks now.
Comment from : Matt

Never take anything that doesn't belong to you (i.e. Cellphone, Keys, Etc). Security will be on you so fast. Just do the smart thing and turn in lost items to Lost and Found.
Comment from : jfbarrey74

Christopher Tsiliacos
#9 thing to never do in a casino: just don't gamble while in the casino. If you don't gamble, you're always guaranteed to at least break even. 😉
Comment from : Christopher Tsiliacos

Roscoe Brown
If you win anything Cash Out ! and take a break Go to your car and leave what you won YOU wont leave broke
Comment from : Roscoe Brown

sick of liberals
Never fart in a casino that will get you kicked out in a hurry
Comment from : sick of liberals

Daniel Sayers
I forgot to add to add to #7. Get a Slot Attendant employee to cash out the machine or have them take the found money out of the tray.

All that "Found Money" does add up over the year. All those 1 cent to 78 cents tickets doesn't seem like alot until you think how many people just leave them. Of course the casinos don't want to lose that money.

Comment from : Daniel Sayers

Daniel Sayers
17:28 #7 I worked at two casinos years ago and the term we used was called: SEAGULLING. Flying around like a seagull looking for scraps. People were 86'd (Code 10-86 kicked out) for that.
Comment from : Daniel Sayers

Gamble once big and never gamble again, win or lose.
Comment from : SpiritualOpportunism

These videos have odd tension
Comment from : SpiritualOpportunism

Ree Walker
Why do these videos look like they were shot in the 80s? Lol! Good info.
Comment from : Ree Walker

Steve Sedlis
Cash advances are not purchases and are not regulated the same. Ive seen cash advance interest as high as 50% and its legal.
Comment from : Steve Sedlis

Stephanie Roll
Don’t take a weed dispensary bag into the Encore in LasVegas we got kicked out for it
Comment from : Stephanie Roll

Don't play in Colorado!
Comment from : ThePecunious

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