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liberals suck
its all math.bring what you don't mind losing.end of story
Comment from : liberals suck

Russell Speak
I play using my own variation of the Martingale system and I nearly always make a profit. The only stumbling block is the dreaded 10+ losing streak, which can wipe you out, but it's so rare it's hardly even an issue. I'm not a pro and I don't pay any attention to the guides and recommendations. I play using my own instincts. And you CAN predict the future.....flip a coin and try and get 10 heads out of 10 flips....maybe you'll get 6 or 7 but never 10, therefore I can predict a tails after 6 or 7 and 99% of the time I'm right. Try it yourself.
Comment from : Russell Speak

Tommy Jennings
There's no feng shui lol
Comment from : Tommy Jennings

How do I become as good as you if I can’t come to your training classes? I’m so hooked on this that I bought your app and use it a lot, I study your basic strategy chart but I’m lost on playing deviations?
Comment from : maschinemademan

Stewie Griffin
This is a very intelligent man
Comment from : Stewie Griffin

A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
1:54 to all you stupid people out there, who believe in stupid things. this is universal!
Comment from : A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

All these excuses sound EXACTLY like a coworker of mine. He "wins" everytime he goes to the casino. Irritating AF.
Comment from : digitalgliff

try being a little less condescending lmao
Comment from : ryanjohnson1136

I got ban on card games
Comment from : 21Sanco

Apex Krypto
Youn saying there is no flow...is like saying fractals and pattern do not exist
Comment from : Apex Krypto

Merya Tathagres
Quitting while you're ahead is the second best advice for gambling.
The best is ofcource not to play.

Comment from : Merya Tathagres

Lynn Mcbee
This is for (skins4thewin) Never leave while you are winning, never. But after you are substantially in the lead after 3 loses and no more than 3 )call it a night, play slots, take in a comp meal then see if the house will comp Cirgule de soles ( forgive the poor spelling) but do not leave while winning !!!! By the way, been to Vegas 5 times and never saw the show, got it at the top of the list, good lord willing, and last but not least, the Mirage custom made the stage for Cirque!
Comment from : Lynn Mcbee

Dee Nell
This video is misleading. The shoe is set. Going head up against the house and you never hit, split or double down, the shoe is set. If it's set against you, you gotta know when to hit, split or double down. But then, go back to not hitting if you turn the shoe. You want the dealer to bust. Winning a 12 is better than losing it to a 17. Unless busting is your attempt to break up the shoe. No video, website, system, simulation or advice will ever replace real time at the casino. Whatever system you have, it has to include the dealer busting. Especially if your the end guy at a table of 5 and you wanna hit a 12.. I wouldn't do it.
Comment from : Dee Nell

Jim t
Everyone knows that each card has a blessing or curse depending on which wizard is working in the back of the casino...lol.
Comment from : Jim t

This is all great to hear, but unfortunately the vast majority of people do not have the capital to be a card counter/advantage player. A strategy I like to use is just to press my bets by 1 unit after a win and keep doing this until a loss. I know I can not beat the casino doing this but the times i win i win big.
Comment from : EBOJFM DBOOJOH

Remi 118
Colin if a casino offered you a job for the right amount of money in some sort of extremely high level AP countermeasures position would you consider taking it ?
Comment from : Remi 118

Paul P.
I feel that the people that believe these myths are also religious...
Comment from : Paul P.

guy dude
It’s a bad/stupid habit that’s makes absolutely no sense I know but I ALWAYS leave the table when I’m up (a certain amount) and then go to a new table and leave there when I’m up but if I stayed at the same table I could get more play time and probably bring in more money. Are there any tips to help break this habit? It would be very very very much appreciated. I know I’m doing wrong I just don’t know how to stop it.
Comment from : guy dude

Dan Stafford
I don't think you're very bright card counters!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
Negative flow card stay in the game a whole lot longer... positive flow cards get changed out with new cards a lot sooner!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
Blackjack is not always high cards vs Lo cards... cards have a flow pattern.. a player that comes into a game or exits a game can change the flow of the cards... Shuffling a shoe does not always change the flow of the cards... shuffling a negative shoe... does not necessarily turn it into a positive shoe... just like the coin toss... on heads the next toss is not going to be necessarily on tails!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
In the game of blackjack you will always have more losing hands then winning hands... because the player has to play his hand before the dealer plays his hand!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Dan Stafford
Outside of the game of blackjack all the other games are independent trials... however independent trials can follow in streaks... like in a coin toss.... it's never heads Tails heads Tails heads Tails heads tails... head scan fall into a streak likewise for Tails can follow in a streak... however the streaks are unpredictable!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Sebastian Holinaty
Guards in the east better than bledsoe

D rose (mans putting up 16.5 and 5 in 23 minutes hella effiecient)

bledsoe aint no allstar

Comment from : Sebastian Holinaty

Abdiaziz Farah
Dude was talking about me, I win everytime 😂
Comment from : Abdiaziz Farah

This is Frank
I love it, this is truth serum at its finest. The prideful and ignorant will reject these facts. Great video!
Comment from : This is Frank

nate larson
how can a dealer not be lucky sometimes? I've had a dealer with a 4 up flip a 2, hit a 10, then hit a 5. It's not planned out, but how is that not just bad luck, or unfortunate?
Comment from : nate larson

You SAY that casinos don't need to cheat you, because there's an edge built into the game....... but I have played blackjack for over 5 years now, and I have seen dealers take my money when I pushed 17 against 17..... TWICE, on TWO different occasions, I have seen dealers take my main bet when both I and the dealer had blackjack and I put out an insurance bet instead of taking "even money" even though blackjack is a push against a blackjack..... I have seen a dealer take my money when I won 18 (10-6-2) to 17 (9-8) and afterwards claim that I lost 16 to 17 because she "forgot" I had a 2, I have seen a dealer give me 100 dollars less in chips than the number of 100 dollar bills I put on the table when I enter the table......... I have seen a dealer give me one too few black 100 dollar chips when I colored out as well and gave them smaller denomination chips for 100s when leaving the table............. I have seen a dealer not accept my insurance bet when I slid the money forward just slow enough that he "closed insurance" and checked through his little window but hadn't announced to the players that he had blackjack (I'm sure he'd have accepted the 50 dollar insurance bet if it wasn't blackjack), I have seen a dealer not give me another card when I hit 16 against 7, to immediately overturn her hole card to reveal she had a 17 and take my money away, and that's just what I can remember...... but you know what has NEVER EVER HAPPENED? One ..... single..... solitary..... mistake in my favor. Not ever. So no, no, it's NOT a myth that casinos don't cheat. You SAY they have more to lose by cheating than just relying on their edge, but no, they can get away with it as long as they do it in such a way that there's plausible deniability, and who the hell am I going to complain to..... the casino? And whenever I've caught them, they never give me anything to compensate me for the RISK I had to take of not NOTICING their "mistake", they just gave the money I would have gotten if they hadn't cheated, no sort of show of "I'm sorry and we value you as a customer", just a "oh you got us, here's your money back". If they cheat you, who are you going to complain to? They have NOTHING to lose by cheating you. If you're a regular customer, they're going to know you're not a state gaming commission sting operative, so there's no risk to them.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

Chris D
1) Playing a streak ... press those bets. 2) Betting when you think you are due to win. 3) Leaving when you're up. 4) Predicting the flow of the cards. 5) Believing other plays can screw up the cards. 6) Thinking there is a way to ALWAYS win. 7) Blaming the casino for cheating you. 9) Using a progressive betting systems. 8) Believing the dealer is "lucky." 10) Any strategy that is not based on math or computer simulation, don't use it.
Comment from : Chris D

Vote 4 Andrew Yang
Hint : tip your dealer when necessary, sometimes they know what’s going on but if both of you are making money they are less likely to signal pit-bosses
Comment from : Vote 4 Andrew Yang

Bruce Schultz
About cheating the dealers want you to win so they can get tips.
Comment from : Bruce Schultz

You love that b roll shot with the cash
Comment from : Dramamine

I had a dealer say “oh, ur a progressive better”

Started at one stop of $10.

Tc goes up. Then I was doing 2x25. Lose both hands..tc goes up more

Then I do 2x50. Lose both hands. Tc is higher now

Then now I’m doing 2x100. This is when dealer said that I’m a progressive better

I responded “sometimes I am” haha.

But I really wanted to say “ur just seeing my spread” haha

I forget how this particular session ended

Comment from : Lunchtime

tom derby
How in Dawkin's name do these guys believe in God?
Comment from : tom derby

brenda hart
shouldnt you leave when you are up money at the casino playing black jack ??? Because the longer you stay and play you will lose the money you just won and then some and then go home very sad !!! ev to me means leave casino ahead and have that good feeling knowing that ! having extra money in my pockets is sure a better feeling than losing it !
Comment from : brenda hart

Joe Shmoe
Odds and probability are very different. Flip a coin, the odds of it coming up each way is 50%. Flip that coin t en times and the probability of it coming up the same way is 100/1. Odds say 10/1. So yes each flip is an independent occurrence that has no bearing on what happened before or after. But, I doubt you or anyone would assign 50% to all tails or all heads in any ten flips of the coin.
Comment from : Joe Shmoe

Ashfaq Sheikh
Counting or not, blackjack, just like every other casino game, has hot streaks and cold streaks. The trick for the winning player is to take max advantage with positive progression betting when its working out and walk away when the streak ends.
Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

A Non I'm Us
You guys want a full proof way to win for sure every time? I'm serious, no joke! All you need to do, is when the dealer deals you a bad hand, just pull out your gun. 😎😎👌👌
Comment from : A Non I'm Us

Noel OBrien
Hey Colin do you think it's possible to count cards in baccarat it doesn't seem like it.
Comment from : Noel OBrien

Math: Ruining fun and superstition one spread sheet at a time.
Comment from : Bladeofwar94

Ace Rothstein
I disagree with #1. I've lived in Las Vegas 20+ years and I'm an avid gambler. I have streaks, call it a myth if you will, but I will go on winning streaks and I know when I'm on one. I play much more $ during this time. I have times where I couldn't bust a 6 in BJ 5 times in a row. I've learned to know when I'm in a rut too. Stay away. Silly or not, I'm superstitious as hell and I know when my biorhythms are up or down.
Comment from : Ace Rothstein

Kwai Brian
i think blackjack is dependent right because the card has been drawn from the deck before will affect the game right
Comment from : Kwai Brian

Francis Kowalski
Geometry? What the hell does that have to do with BJ? Calculus, statistics yeah.
Comment from : Francis Kowalski

James Tiefry
Dana whites pretty good
Comment from : James Tiefry

I am the guy in the comments section who loose every time!
Comment from : Agent0range67

Big Nasty
bs bs bs. ever heard of odds. that's why the casino wins. I can't believe you believe that each hand or roll is only an independent event. Odds are Odds.
Comment from : Big Nasty

paolo joosten
All roulettes are rigged!I saw a online live roulette with a min. 50 cent and 500 euro max.
It is almost impossible too lose ...if it is not rigged!
Last week i was in a French landbased casino in a major city.
I've seen things that are impossible.Things that go against law of nature.. .
It is so obvious, they dont try to hide it anymore .It's like 'they' think people are more stupied than 30 years ago!

Comment from : paolo joosten

Tyler Duncanson
“Quit while you’re ahead” works if you’re doing only one session. For an evening at a casino, leaving while you have a profit is worth it.
Comment from : Tyler Duncanson

Chris Roseborough
Do you believe in Karma?.... She loves blackjack..
Comment from : Chris Roseborough

Heart of the cards, guide us...
Comment from : Wolf.

marco da silva
This videos are sponsored by casinos...
Comment from : marco da silva

BeatsDown Gaming
If you're a casual player, you should definitely quit while you're ahead.
Comment from : BeatsDown Gaming

Star Scream
About the "quit while you're ahead" myth .. I'd think that really depends on what you're at the casino to do. If by ahead you mean "I made a rough estimate of how much I realistically expected to win tonight and I've made decently more than that", then I don't see why not getting up while you're ahead would be unwise?
Comment from : Star Scream

So it’s a myth to back off when you’re winning? What? A winning streak doesn’t effect whether you’ll lose the next hand. Exactly?? That’s literally the point of the myth, to quit while you’re ahead before you lose it all?
Comment from : R N A

Robert Buglio
I have seen them cheat at craps hand cream smearing the dice so bad they stick to the table once shoe.
Comment from : Robert Buglio

Um Loiro
Today was my first time playing at a cassino, the game was blackjack and dam I won 8 hands In a roll never been so happy, the adrenaline lol and then I left before lose 😁
Comment from : Um Loiro

Big Red
I actually win every time
Comment from : Big Red

Johnathan Grey
I like how Mike Aponte once said told me. "Don't worry until the pit boss likes and notices you winning. Then you have a problem."
Comment from : Johnathan Grey

Each hand of blackjack is actually not an independent event. If I get a blackjack that affects my chances of getting a blackjack on the next hand simply because an ace and face card have been removed from the deck. Your chances of winning a hand are affected by the cards that have already come out, each hand is dependent on the previous cards played. That's the premise of counting, right?
Comment from : Augustine1119

Gu Gu
I like playing by myself because it's easier for me to count the cards. I can go as slow as I like.
Comment from : Gu Gu

I gotta say that I disagree with leaving when you're up being a myth. The Casino always has the advantage, so if you were lucky enough to be up a significant amount, logic and odds dictate that you are better off leaving while you're up as the chances of losing is higher than it is for winning.
Comment from : skins4thewin

I feel like this and most of the other vids are a guide for ppl with a lower than average IQ. Most of this stuff is basic common sense. The explanation for a lot of the things in question is that every card, every roll of the die, every spin of the Roulette wheel, all of these things are completely random. This is the most basic form of common sense to be able to realize this and thus debunk most every one of these incorrect practices. It's cool that these vids exist to help those who need it, but I find it kind of sad that there are so many ppl that do not have said common sense and thus need the advice.
Comment from : skins4thewin

Jon Duan
I never play to make money, its bullshit, I play because I like to loose and win, having fun.
Comment from : Jon Duan

Bender aka Kingen83
there is one way to always win. Be the house
Comment from : Bender aka Kingen83

Andre Seah
Also, on the “flow” or prediction of cards, what I’ve always noticed is that when dealers shuffle they don’t really shuffle the deck really thru and thru, and sometimes high cards tend to stick together and Low cards too, with enough hands played just before the deck is changed. It’s not enough to base anything of and the math should always be key, but have you guys noticed that with really sloppy shufflers?
Comment from : Andre Seah

Andre Seah
Love ya guys Colin, I wrote to you guys about the sad situation I am in where all casinos use one2six machines unless you’re a whale... what I wanna comment on is that on point 1, while I do agree with what you’re getting at, the “streak” might actually be a really crazy high true count, and so the “myth” that it’s a hot table- it’s a hot table but not because of certain reasons abstract
Comment from : Andre Seah

The flow of the cards ain't got nothing on the heart of the cards
Comment from : Dafoodmaster

Omid Haidare
Do progressive betting on live blackjack
Comment from : Omid Haidare

Eric Smyth
Quitting while you're ahead is probably the best myth for the losing gambler

1) losing players NEED an excuse to leave. This is a good one. Not playing at all is best, but playing for a small amount of time is next best.

2) Most gamblers feel good winning, and only play for the good feelers. Leaving when you're ahead protects you from bad feelers which comes from losing it back, and secures the good feelers that are rare. Also see loss aversion and prospect theory.

3) Taxes. Sometimes winning too much can cost you a lot of money. Quitting at 9.9k up is better than 80k (a smaller % of the time) because of taxes.

Comment from : Eric Smyth

Eric Smyth
2:00 is classic

It's hard to put into words, but people get "The law of averages" mixed up with "The law of large numbers" all the time.

The law of large numbers states that the larger the sample, the more likely that the equity of the events would be accurately realized. Example, flipping a coin 10 times vs 10,000 times would generate different experimental results, and the 10k sample would be more reliable and accurate, because of the sample

The "law of averages" states that the equity of a situation will be realized in the long run, so if in the short run things are going one way, it's bound to turn around.

These differences are not semantics, one is gambler`s fallacy, one is an equity estimate of probability and expected value

Comment from : Eric Smyth

Ed V
Other players joining the table in a positive count does affect you.
Comment from : Ed V

Ashfaq Sheikh
You guys are always focused on the math but never discuss chemistry. I have been gambling all my life. BJ is my favorite game. I am of the firm belief that with some dealers, you have good chemistry and with others you don't. Ditto for tables and casinos. I know it does not sound rational or 'mathematical', but nothing can change my mind about this.
Comment from : Ashfaq Sheikh

Eric Li
I've live in Las Vegas for over 11 years now and there's no advantage plays unless you can cheat. Every bet is a sucker bet. These guys want you to sign up and pay for their course.
Comment from : Eric Li

Many of these apply to my fave game-Craps as well!
Comment from : Astrosjer

Kenzie Aponte
Listen up you degenerates who waste precious time of your lives in casinos, win or lose, it’s not the dealers fault, so don’t blame them. You gamble to have fun, not to win because DUH THE ODDS AREN’T IN YOUR FAVOR. Take it from a dealer, you’ll have a much better time hanging out with friends and being lighthearted about betting some spare money than coming in every other day playing quarters or more at a blackjack table. Find some purpose to life that isn’t just wasting time in a casino.
Comment from : Kenzie Aponte

Joe Knight
What Are Your Thoughts on A Auto Shuffler Machine That continues shuffling discarded cards...Is that good for Card Counting?? Or being Fair to Both Casinos and Players?
Comment from : Joe Knight

Corey Gigoux
no money in table games in less you bet 100 chips even so best bet go for the one arm bandits less nervous and of coarse more money if u get lucky..
Comment from : Corey Gigoux

Tony Da Costa
I used to be a blackjack player and lost many more times 10 to 1. I've switched to video poker, play the "Right machines" double double 9/6 Full house / flush and the worst I do is break even, and contrary to your advice I quit when ahead. I am ahead in the black for the last 5 years. I put enough into play and duration that I receive hotel comps as well. What other casino game can you play that you bet $5 with a possibility return of $4000?? I have had 5 or 6 royal flushes and many many four aces / kicker for $2000. Then my play ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I go home until next visit...…………..
Comment from : Tony Da Costa

Gary Zhang
Leaving when you are up is actually optimal because leaving is always optimal (assuming you are not playing a game where expected value can sometimes go positive).
Comment from : Gary Zhang

There's a reason why myth #2 is literally called The Gambler's Fallacy ;)

As to myth #4, one of my coworkers who predominantly deals Baccarat says that whoever invented the board that tracks hand outcomes in a shoe, that person is an absolute genius. And he's totally right. It makes the players feel like they're in control and can predict the next hand's outcome if they can find the pattern. We have those on our Roulette tables as well, and it's entertaining (and a bit sad) to see the players staring intently at those boards, jotting down notes and trying to decode the mysteries of statistics and variance

Comment from : S-Train

"Systems dont work, but pay me a subscription fee and sign up for my boot camp so you can learn MY system." Of course. Every player thinks they are the smartest guy in the room, but you guys are absolutely SURE you're the smartest guys in the room. Brilliant philosophers of the "investment" of casino gaming. The pomposity and smugness here is palpable. Also, I couldnt disagree more with #3. It's called risk mitigation and impulse control. Winners dont let an insatiable sense of infinite greed get the best of them, they simply know when to quit. In fact this ability to walk away at the right time is probably the single most common factor that separates overall winners from losers. Convincing people to give in to compulsion and to the infinite prospect of ever more is setting people up for failure of home equity leveraging proportions. I just dont think you guys have the promise key you claim. If you did, you would probably be traveling the world making supposedly guaranteed profit with your supposedly bulletproof "investment" strategy. Why retire into training at 600k or even 1 million? If its as great as you claim you'd still be doing it, not talking about it on Youtube, or pitching blackjack 'bootcamp'. I'm not going to dispute that counting cards effectively increases your advantage over time. Theres a reason casinos kick people out for doing it. But I think you guys are exaggerating it's potential just a bit. Especially for the common player who doesnt use role players and teams. And I know you guys seem to hate the word luck, but no matter how much analytics you use and how many variables you try to account for, there are certain facets of the game that simply cannot be measured or quantified. Try as you might, you will never completely eliminate the element of luck and other similar intangibles from the game of blackjack. And personally, I am thankful for that.
Comment from : TeeMoeGoodie

Anthony Batista
My casino uses 8 decks in a shoe. That's 416 cards. 416!= 38463133877199574902843538980106435601992165963595262280224253772051216830119587376011871951141455494843512974439365557046418700007675724725364528374097426274437336984117135035840319087095437432094931902980202366306154424773842047575571737037805740375362781672723510947332759924799623394258294999190552593923779953277382928121926080790201956010980036512902008036318563018670503175208286850697621763497465759438572651262059691891197462920180710682630787009442262814745990335735810444461475006571643055395889497608863338763726588615254646135765127241917235548497470200746507030893989410145745270947236290256577398824863164336775932067755883734263503669074103295837766210948342554534683798166200789864427317910523544907487561256292196310045039490997277577283556051331131237311106789491739684263103767424452788224000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 different ways that the cards can be organized
Comment from : Anthony Batista

Vincent Winkleblech
The first one is spot on.....
Rolling a 10 before a 7 is 2-1.
If you roll 1000 10’s in a row, what are the odds of a 10 coming next roll??? Anyone? It’s 2-1 against.
You aren’t on a winning streak, you were on a winning streak.

Comment from : Vincent Winkleblech

Nikolai Ivanov
I have a question for you or its more like an announcement where u play in America the dealer gets two cards one face up one face down where overhere in England the dealer gets his second card only after the last player makes his final decision so with that been said I don't think the basic strategy is as relevant here as it's in America. Also i would love to meet you ìn London so we can play I want to see how you do against our blackjack. I've been blamed for not taking a card when I'm on 15 (on the last sit) against a 10 for the dealer my logic here is that if I take a card and it's a low one for example 4 (not too bad for me "19" ) but after the picture card follow and the dealer gets a 20, for me it's better if I just leave it so the dealer busts ( it won't happen everytime obviously) or if u don't feel like meeting me please for all your fans do a session in england and tell us how you did!!!
Love your videos thank you!!!

Comment from : Nikolai Ivanov

I have a question if you read that :o what about electronic casinos? I've been to some with no employees/banks for the game, only screens with a program simulating the game and you can of course interact with it

couldn't that be casino cheating? it would be much easier to cheat with a programmed casion game than with actual humans setting up the game

Comment from : ProgInternetExplorer

Bob Crane
You could win at poker every time, if you're Phil Ivey and you only play with lousy players.
Comment from : Bob Crane

The Good Gardener
my god you guys are so smug!!! My brother-in-law (who is a pit boss) always say that if people would quit while they're ahead every casino would go out of business. Of course, most players keep playing until they're in the red. I do understand that you guys are trying to sell your card counting stuff but do you really have to pretend that nothing else work but your stuff. By the way, counting is actually a myth and baccarat is the game to make money, not blackjack. But then I make my money playing, not selling systems... and please educate yourself on negative progressive systems, your ignorance is hilarious.
Comment from : The Good Gardener

Eamin Yashed
The biggest myth is that you can be all loosey goosey at table, eating a sandwich and win
Comment from : Eamin Yashed

Idk... If you've ever witnessed a mis-roll on roulette where the ball gets caught on the wheel as it spins & gravity itself doesn't pull that ball into a number Something ain't right about it. I've witnessed it multiple times before they shut a table down across the country at a few different casinos.
Comment from : C B

american in Singapore
Don't tout card counting as a way to win at blackjack, because it is NOT!!!!....You show me the best card counter in the world and that person will win at best 50% of the time..And the times he loses will be amounts that are astronomical...most card counters that play blackjack at our casino a couple times a week are STILL to this day down and have lost thousands $$$$$$. Ccpeace out..
Comment from : american in Singapore

There is one fool-proof system not based at all on math or simulations. I believe they discussed it on this documentary program I watched:

Bart: Dad, if you take me to Vegas, I'll teach you how to cheat at blackjack.

Homer: Boy, you don't need to cheat when you got a system.

Bart: What's your system?

Homer: I don't tell your mother how much I've lost.

Comment from : pionosphere

Tim Koenig
I’m having a hard time believing that you should quit while you’re ahead and thinking you’re “due” are “myths”. They claim that if you flip a coin and get head that your odds of getting heads on a second toss are still 50%. That’s wrong. This is basic statistics and probability. Your odds of getting the same side of the coin twice is actually 25%. Three times is 12.5%. And so on. According to their logic, these events are not connected even though they are. It’s not pure math, that’s why it is ruled by chances instead of certainty.

Long story short: if you play Blackjack perfectly to strategy without counting cards, your odds of losing are about 51%. Your odds of losing twice in a row is roughly 26%. Losing 3 times in a row is about 13.3%. You can use this to know how likely it is you’re going to win the next hand. For me personally, I make small bets until I lose twice in a row. Then I bet high on the next hand when I have an about 86.7% chance of winning. Doesn’t always work, but so far I leave positive more often then I leave negative.

Comment from : Tim Koenig

Louis Renteria
Y’all are amazing. Keep up the hard work, it’s appreciated
Comment from : Louis Renteria

I have a roulette playing friend, which I have tried to explain a dozen times that past numbers don't matter. He keeps replying "yeah i know". Then he asks again the following week if 8 or 17 have fallen in the previous 5 spins. I just gave up and I just humor him now, it's easier this way LOLLL
Comment from : toptenguy1

Mac Berg
6:36 Could you imagine wearing that Republican Party hat and actually thinking you should go out in public with it? Lol, that's just as pathetic as wearing a Democratic Party hat out
Comment from : Mac Berg

Retro GOD
does cardc ounting still works??.. In Melbourne''s (Australia) Crown casino, there is this continuous multiple deck shuffling machine at work... always makes me think if Card counting is still a strategy.
Comment from : Retro GOD

crimenot alwaysbad
I still do believe there are ppl who are just lucky. When I was 15-17 years old we had a kid to whom we gave last money (something like €10)to play one hand bandits. Always, and I mean always he won enough for us to go to a bar and get wankered there. 😁
Comment from : crimenot alwaysbad

David duFresne
Ask yourself this- if cardcounting was so great in 2019, would these guys be making youtube videos or be out doing it more? Casinos are so greedy they aren't even offering 3:2 on blackjacks at many properties at the lower stakes games. You think they're going to let you hit them?
Comment from : David duFresne

Stevie O'Neill
Stumbled on this channel a few weeks ago.. cracking videos guys
Comment from : Stevie O'Neill

Mondo LeStraka
Ask yourself this. If the casinos knew what you were doing - order of the cards etc. - why wouldn't they throw you out??
Comment from : Mondo LeStraka

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