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Lady Luck HQ
If you liked this video, please consider subscribing to our channel for other large slot victories like this. Thank you so much for stopping by 😁😁
Comment from : Lady Luck HQ

Mei Chip
It'd because you played by the dollar and not by the cent, got you more than Normal, normally it would be 180.88
Comment from : Mei Chip

Green planet
winner girl is very beautiful 😍
Comment from : Green planet

Nikola Nojic
Yall be getting over 1k dollars and here is me getting 25$ in 🇷🇸 thinking it's a lot
Comment from : Nikola Nojic

Comment from : 18 SCRATCHER

Jon Zimmer
21 movie... "Slots are for losers"
Comment from : Jon Zimmer

the 80's fucking rule
winning is good
Comment from : the 80's fucking rule

dennis jamieson
Unbelievable. Congratulations
Comment from : dennis jamieson

Daniel Quezada
A Louis Vuitton bag 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Daniel Quezada

JaVon Fields
I just lost everything I had today.😣😣😣😤
Comment from : JaVon Fields

Dan Te mon
Wow just wow
Comment from : Dan Te mon

Lilly V Gutierrez
She has just 800-1000 credits wow be effective thought to bet that high but why not
Comment from : Lilly V Gutierrez

Lilly V Gutierrez
Wow as he did well
Comment from : Lilly V Gutierrez

Lilly V Gutierrez
$30 bet
Comment from : Lilly V Gutierrez

Nahum Castellon
i like your voice
Comment from : Nahum Castellon

Andreas Rühl
Wie schön wenn man Bonus im Casino bekommt als Anfixerin ! Lächerlich
Comment from : Andreas Rühl

Fresh Bagels
I bet you blowed that money like an idiot
Comment from : Fresh Bagels

I’m scared to pull $5 a spin let alone do $30 a spin 😱
Comment from : essenze25

How to withdrawal?
Comment from : PANHA NORNG

That's amazing! So happy for you.
Comment from : USMC Brat

Use the money for the honeless
Comment from : THE PRECIOUS

Ronny Laas
Nice😊 greez from Germany 🙂
Comment from : Ronny Laas

Aaron cassani
18k would literally change my life lmao
Comment from : Aaron cassani

Mustang goldda paraya para demedik kasa katlama yapilir.
Comment from : CASINOBEY WINNN

Pablo Escobar
LOL buys a bag bruh invest the full 18k on your life not on a Checkered box
Comment from : Pablo Escobar

he said relax nobody gonna relax getting that much money they be exicted congrats ladyyy
Comment from : Jewell

holiday times.
Comment from : FCTP

Woow so amazing I fell like being there that time lol
Comment from : IBALAMI FILMS

Monkey Feces
I like ur laugh :)
Comment from : Monkey Feces

You won 18 thousand dollars and you spend it? You should use this money to make more money!
Comment from : Kindzu

hello! ban chia sẻ vui qua ban chuc ban chơi vui ve nhe😍😍👍👍🤝🤝👏🌹🌹
Comment from : HẢI N TV

Jay The Kay
Yo I don’t even put a penny in a fountain but $30 I’d freak out bro like that’s too much but I mean you won18 grand so who cares.
Comment from : Jay The Kay

Benny Costello
This video:Wins free games within 2 spins and every single free game hits a massive multiplier.
When you play: loses 30 spins in a row before bonus, bonus wins 20 free games, wins 2 dollars off free games.

Comment from : Benny Costello

Large Stone - Airplane, Train, Baseball
Now I gotta go to Casino.
Comment from : Large Stone - Airplane, Train, Baseball

David Watson
Hate it when strangers ask me questions while I'm winning
Comment from : David Watson

NICK Scardino
Your lucky asf
Comment from : NICK Scardino

John Wick
As if people believe this for 1 you absolutly can't film in a casino and these channels are always getting the jackpot howay man there's no chance your winning these all the time
Comment from : John Wick

Louis Payan
Again? You absolutely smashed machine and you were begging for more. That's why people never win they are never satisfied until they are broke.
Comment from : Louis Payan

Tony Langi
Wow Lady Luck! Good win
Comment from : Tony Langi

Nathan Pratt
I like the colors...
Comment from : Nathan Pratt

Tia Davis
What casinos in your opinion have the better pay outs in Vegas? Going in March and dont wanna go home a complete loser lol you and your husband always seem to have REALLY GOOD LUCK!! 💜💖
Comment from : Tia Davis

Cole Larsen
Yeah. How much have you spent over the years though..
Comment from : Cole Larsen

Robert Kennard
What casino is that at ?
Comment from : Robert Kennard

Nathan T
Im sure this isnt @ Potowatami casino here in Mil town. Nothin but a rip off there.
Comment from : Nathan T

Wow....$30 bet....I don't even want to give my own machine a quarter.....LOL congrats on that win!
Comment from : xwarp

こりゃ やべぇぇぇ………
Comment from : ゆうきターボー

omg this is real or fake?
Comment from : Leo

Comment from : IVAN MALDAVAN

Benson Hedges
Comment from : Benson Hedges

ng wai choi
What the.................
Comment from : ng wai choi

kaine paul
Wow baby your so lucky 👌🏽🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : kaine paul

Matt Petermann
What the hell u do to bet 30 bucks a hand
Comment from : Matt Petermann

MarioEaglesFan 700
The Adult Version Of Disney World
Comment from : MarioEaglesFan 700

David Zaera Ortega
Spend money in useless stuffs
Comment from : David Zaera Ortega

marco barabuffi
ola che ........
Comment from : marco barabuffi

And then they gave it right back up the casino.

Winning a jackpot like this. I would be so gone from the casino. They would think I dropped off the map.

But when you are addicted to head right back. And gradually give it back to them.

One has to call it quits and enjoy their winnings. There is no way to beat the house. Slots have the worst odds. So slots are for fun. No way anyone is making a living playing them.

Hence “gambling”

Comment from : TheOutsidersPost

Comment from : darkvamp1969

Robert Patterson
Stinky skanky 🍩💩🤡💋👄💋
Comment from : Robert Patterson

Trace zach daniels
thats going to happen to me soon...YES..!!!
Comment from : Trace zach daniels

Matt's Gambling Stuff
This is what got me started in watching this channel
Comment from : Matt's Gambling Stuff

Anthony Similton
Out of 135 dollars, I won 1,483.00 . I was happy that day!🤩🤣😍
Comment from : Anthony Similton

Hola hermosa

Mystery Loc
I hope next time u win bigger!!
Comment from : Mystery Loc

Congratulations NICE JACKPOT
Comment from : GARCIA'S. SLOT VIDEOS

Tristan Smith
Went for my first time today and lost completely 😪
Comment from : Tristan Smith

Sara Brown
I go to junkyards all the time and get used parts to sell online or to use to fix friends cars and every time I see a Kia Rio I always say out loud "RIO!" imitating you in this video. My brother always looks at me like, What's the matter with you? LOL.
Comment from : Sara Brown

Just turned 18 and went to my first casino(to actually play I mean) and had a blast. This vide just makes me wanna go back even more wowza!
Comment from : greaserjoe66

Flor Fernandez
gamble safely and u guys desrved it 🙌🙌🙏👍
Comment from : Flor Fernandez

Vacheslav Poletaev
Comment from : Vacheslav Poletaev

Alex Hein
so do you get the real 16,000n dollars or its just a game cuz my casino doesn't have that kind of money
Comment from : Alex Hein

Graham Whittle
I hope she give a little bit of cash to someone who really needs it or a little bit to charaty
Comment from : Graham Whittle

Aline Khoury
I love this video its like a goldmine for when you feel down and out and need something to cheer you up! I love it
Comment from : Aline Khoury

Weasna Sim
Comment from : Weasna Sim

That luck only comes once in your life
Comment from : HEMI POWER

They seem pretty soo Fn shocked for a couple that just won 20K while betting 30$ a pop. Great example of people living coming from a different caste! To most people this would be life changing money! Most people wouldn't bet 30$ on a High end meal for 2.
Comment from : Emustation

Sounds like the random lady on the side wants you to finish up so she can swoop in and take a jackpot too
Comment from : jadachii

Manifesting Lady Lynnette
Nice win luck lady
Comment from : Manifesting Lady Lynnette

Arauzo Life
that,s for the taxi to go home
Comment from : Arauzo Life

John Damage
Shes rude that show girl
Comment from : John Damage

GREAT WIN!! Check out mine!!!

Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira
This machine is about Carnival in Brazil?
Comment from : Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira

You're so pretty
Comment from : Gabe

Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira
18K is nothing for a big casino
Comment from : Luiz Claudio Cursino Teixeira

miriam fuentes fernandez
Omg amazing!
When you win all that money can you take it all home or you get taxed

Comment from : miriam fuentes fernandez

Donald Trump
Couldn't happen to a more beautiful woman. Congrats 👏
Comment from : Donald Trump

Adrian Cristian
Lol u never lose?
Comment from : Adrian Cristian

Meanwhile, two slots over we all just lost another $100.00 for the 3rd time in a row.
Comment from : windows10suxalot

You are hot😍😍
Comment from : Hower323

You took a video knowing that you are going to win $18k.
Comment from : T H

Bob Dabuilder
So what happens once you win big and it says call attendant?? Does it still print a ticket? Or what is the point in waiting for the attendant??
Comment from : Bob Dabuilder

onur 579
I would like to buy my brother he's first car 😊
Comment from : onur 579

Wan Abdul Muttalib Wan Ahmad Anuar
Comment from : Wan Abdul Muttalib Wan Ahmad Anuar

Wow that is awesome!!! Congrats on the major wins!!!
Comment from : ScratchTilYouWin

Richard Kager
Congratulations, your reaction was priceless!
Comment from : Richard Kager

marie jordan
How much money do you gamble a month?
Comment from : marie jordan

to soon GPL
So beautiful game lady lucky ia good
Comment from : to soon GPL

Daniela Garcia
Eso es tener suerte
Comment from : Daniela Garcia

Joel C
“Well that is just sheer luck, right?” Um well yes... it is slot machines 😂
Comment from : Joel C

Santiago Mendoza
Wow just watched it 11/26/2019. Damn that’s so crazy.
Comment from : Santiago Mendoza

Bobby Bellingham
Casinos are the best place to buy designer goods. Cheapest prices!! I recently bought a pair of Levi jeans at my local casino for the bargain price of $600.00.
Comment from : Bobby Bellingham

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