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Awesome Things
I like online casinos
Comment from : Awesome Things

Chad Krause
Digital games are big scams. I’ve hear rumors that they recognize if you’re loud and attention-grabbing so they can give you more money and inspire hope in nearby people. The digital roulette tables have magnets in the roulette wheel that attract the ball to pay the lowest amount
Comment from : Chad Krause

The First two times i went, got a players card, won 1500$ on slots. Never went back. They still send me shit though
Comment from : That_Seagull

piotr Stelmaszek
0:20 wait his hand got cut off
Comment from : piotr Stelmaszek

Ranjit Sandhu
They don't scan chips when you cash out so how did they catch that guy?
Comment from : Ranjit Sandhu

Leon Valkenburg
Oke... I will explain. They steal a lot of fucking money from you, once they first let you win because you think you will win more... You'll become an addict after if you're really unlucky
Comment from : Leon Valkenburg

Little Reptilian
Nice Southpark reference
Comment from : Little Reptilian

Szabo Arpad
This is pretty accurate. A few years ago I had to develop software for slot machines and poker machines. It is an ugly-ugly business.
Comment from : Szabo Arpad

Dzenin Zus
I made quite a lot on a slot mashine. Close to 10k euros jackpot. I kept comming back until i had 2k. That was 1 year ago. Casino got the best of me. I spent that 2k on travelling. If anyone thinks you can do this for a living you are mistaken. Everything in casino is there for a purpose... The lights...the sounds...the colors... Be careful. I somehow was able to keep 2k but most of the people ruin themselfs and go bankrupt.

If you think you can gamble save do it but only spend what you can afford. I gambled with my schoolarship and if i lost all of it i would probably end it all. Just pls careful people.

Comment from : Dzenin Zus

Wow you got me uh? Well at least u didn’t figure out where I...

...no nothing 😀

Comment from : Kuso11

Joost H
I know Holland Casino also use the tracking stuff to keep an eye out for people with a gambling addiction. When you come in too often and lose too much money etc they will take you to an office room to talk to you and when neccesary ban you from the casino or get additional support for you.
Comment from : Joost H

Alexandr Missiuk
But u can still be lucky and win the jackpot tho🤙🤙
Comment from : Alexandr Missiuk

Wow that sponsor segwey was... actually pretty good
Comment from : RoonilWazlib

Andrés Melt
Slots were easily manipulable with math, sad they're not anymore.
Comment from : Andrés Melt

Merv Kearsey
Delete your voice you squawking howling imbecile!!! 👊🏽
Comment from : Merv Kearsey

Cramped casa cracked me up
Comment from : Jesse

Ken Danieli
Your reading is getting really annoying. Try for a more natural tone.
Comment from : Ken Danieli

AwesomeDragonPig 27
Linus just wanted to share his research for his next vacation
Comment from : AwesomeDragonPig 27

Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02
Arcades for Adults
Comment from : Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02

WICKED is good
This is how you can get back at casinos
Comment from : WICKED is good

John F
I also noticed that MGM has an alliances with DHS if you go on the terror list they block your card no entries to drawings that’s unfair and corrupt there is documentation of this
Wake up Homeland DHS; the stock was down 40% on factual fixed terror lists affecting giveaways and comps; in addition there was documents sent to Trump organizations nothing occurred
Well that’s the competition

Comment from : John F

Don Draper's Greatest Memes
Hey everyone, come check out OUR discord server... it is not just another social media outlet... it is a community with many interesting characters and a lot of information you may want to see .:Casinos & Gamblers Info:. discord.gg/QFrnFDy and also @ .:Casinos & Gamblers Info:. Plus* .:Blogs & Vlogs:.™ www.facebook.com/groups/371758406503474
Comment from : Don Draper's Greatest Memes

g bonita
Casinos are nothing else than legalizing high way robbery! Period
Comment from : g bonita

The only winning move is not to play
Comment from : User682

Max G
Card counting is not illegal. I use my brain for it and this is not illegal.
Comment from : Max G

Med ia
Love how they complain about card counting... Someone comes up with a way to play the game within the rules in an enhanced mindful way that gives them a better chance of winning.
Casino: CHEATER!
Casino uses new decks every hand or 2 to ensure its as hard as possible to get used to the cards you play with.
Casino: Perfectly OK!

Comment from : Med ia

Med ia
Love how they complain about card counting... Someone comes up with a way to play the game within the rules in an enhanced mindful way that gives them a better chance of winning.
Casino: CHEATER!
Casino uses new decks every hand or 2 to ensure its as hard as possible to get used to the cards you play with.
Casino: Perfectly OK!

Comment from : Med ia

Nico Bellic
guys, he almost feels bad for the robber
Comment from : Nico Bellic

Alan Mejia
As a person in the casino business going on 25 years. I am quite curious with this video.
Comment from : Alan Mejia

honestly, when I was at the Bellagio, i just play the slots at minimum bet, tip the waitress a 1 dollar chip for an alcoholic beverage. I'm not even a gambler, but the drinks are nice
Comment from : Dave-A-Flav

Loveme Tender
Get off YouTube. Your face is annoying!
Comment from : Loveme Tender

t v
So the casino is a Terminator
Comment from : t v

What the fuck my name is Kevin
Comment from : Kev1n0_

It’s illegal to win at a casino
Comment from : Phlegethon

- -
I'm 36 and I've spent $4 in a casino in my entire life (with the exception of restaurants). I went in with $40, setting that as my limit. The whole place was sleazy and sad. It was smoky and filled with flashing lights and sad elderly people. I found a dollar-play slot machine and gave it a whirl. After 4 consecutive losses, I left. It was boring and stupid and depressing. The exact opposite of their commercials.
Comment from : - -

Plexy_ Glass
It's weird how so many people think card counting is illegal, it's literally just strategy
Comment from : Plexy_ Glass

Sween Wolf
Gimme that qpon...
Comment from : Sween Wolf

Victor Hugo
The eyes in the sky are always watching
Comment from : Victor Hugo

I worked in some of those joints, trust me, there are no bets worth taking.
Comment from : EnergeticWaves

Did they slow down Linus speech rate by like .83
Comment from : Yaegs

If you play this at normal speed he sounds like a shemale
Comment from : pellman87

Victor Anne
It’s almost as if gambling is just entertainment.

I don’t go to a fucken casino and play tables to win, I go to have fun, even if I loose.

You don’t get upset when you don’t find 1k laying on the ground of an amusement park so might as well have fun with those $200 passes

Comment from : Victor Anne

Giri Surya Dharma Aji
I supposed this vids were made after that Bulky Thermal Grease 😂😂😂
Comment from : Giri Surya Dharma Aji

Kevin Kyo Nightwolf
Dat moment he says my name and I go like:. Wtf did I do?
Comment from : Kevin Kyo Nightwolf

Doesn't work on Mike Postle though!
Comment from : Nothin2it

Austin Wright
Since when is card counting cheating?
Comment from : Austin Wright

Can you talk about online casino?
Comment from : StanislavyeungHK

Danny Lee
moral of the story: don't gamble, it's not a good habit
Comment from : Danny Lee

Anthony Carlo
You did not answer the most important question? i have done it many times. I use happenstance hunting technique
Comment from : Anthony Carlo

Star Butterfly
I only went to a casino once, and that was at Resorts World in Queens for a job fair. At that same casino a few years ago, a lady won what she thought was millions of dollars from a slot machine but when she went to claim her winnings, she was told that it was a glitch and she won only $2.50. All the casino ever did for her was apologize and gave her a complimentary meal at the buffet. At least they could have given her more than $3 and free dinner for the mixup.
Comment from : Star Butterfly

Socialism Sucks
You know the best way to win against a casino?


Comment from : Socialism Sucks

TL:DW, Everything in a casino is set up to screw you out of your money. They have all the money, set all the rules, and everything is rigged. Cameras and security are watching you always, so you cannot steal from them stealing from you. Want to always be a winner? Stay out of casinos. Period.
Comment from : Yesterdays92

Dieter Gerding
Wait! You mean I don’t will become rich at the casino? My whole retirement plan breaks right before my eyes. Thanks Linus. Thanks a lot!
Comment from : Dieter Gerding

Respect, anyone who's favourite game is Casino War is ok in my book.
Comment from : allwrighty100

felix peltier
“Cramped Casa” dude you got me on that one 😂 I’m stealing it!!!
Comment from : felix peltier

it may as well be designed not to
Comment from : Chatulhu

Card counting is valid if you can do it in your head.
Comment from : runforitman

Chaz titan
i bet once in my life back in 2002. i lost 5 bucks. I havent gambled again. that was a guaranteed dinner that i lost. for what!!!!!!????
gambling is dumb and for the poor and weak minded

Comment from : Chaz titan

Those RFID chips are too expensive for all casinos to carry, most of them dont use them
Comment from : Chris

Thijs Brundel
I dont like gambling, but i would like to go to a casino some day to play poker though!
Comment from : Thijs Brundel

Alex Shah
Only sports betting is profitable. Everything else is rigged. Even on sport betting just hope that the match or game you bet on is not fixed because that happens too.
Comment from : Alex Shah

Nico acha88
I worked in a little casino in a remote city in Argentina, and for those who wonder if the slot machines are arranged... NO! THEY ARE NOT! AND STOP ASKING ANY TECHNICIAN NEARBY!
Comment from : Nico acha88

Mike Postle watched this video
Comment from : Tameling300

Launchin Lance
Counting cards isnt illegal. Casinos are haters
Comment from : Launchin Lance

Kody Valdez
I work in marketing at a casino, and a lot of this is spot on. Our casino is smaller so some of the tech we don't employ, but basically if you play with a card at a casino, we have you on a excel spreadsheet somewhere and have a automated system for determining rewards or ways to entice you. Our cameras were recently upgraded, and holy moly we can see everything. If you think you can steal, it's likely we saw you think about it. Also I work a lot with the Card tracking, and I've built up a memory of at least a 100+ players and their habbits. Tech does a lot, but that nice guy telling you about your offers probably knows a lot more about you then you think. It's like profiling customers.
Comment from : Kody Valdez

Hundreds per second. This guy know nothing about computers
Comment from : EnergeticWaves

Not a bet worth taking in there
Comment from : EnergeticWaves

Comment from : theextremeviking

Jon Mckeown
I feel like his sign language doesn't match what he's saying
Comment from : Jon Mckeown

Jack's Tutorials
What Casino is it at 0:45? (or is it just every vegas casino?) Looks like the one off Tony Hawk American Wasteland PS2 Game...those were the days
Comment from : Jack's Tutorials

My name is Kevin and im freaked out, thanks Linus
Comment from : Koro

What with all of the arm waving and dramatic pausing? This guy is a goofball.
Comment from : Ziffel22

Sponsored By: MGM Resorts
Comment from : Nine90Group

Daniel W
How does the casino know which RFID's to block when they get stolen?
Comment from : Daniel W

Deric h
Haha the 2 for 1 buffet coupon was the only comp I was thinking about
Comment from : Deric h

Gluk The Walrus
Work in the casino industry as a dealer. Most casinos don't have all of this tech
Comment from : Gluk The Walrus

FREI Music
EOSBet.io offers players to be the house instead!
Comment from : FREI Music

Why scare quotes around "free" badge?
Comment from : Skurvy2k

Flippin Libra
He is so animated the way he moves.....great video though haha
Comment from : Flippin Libra

Pierre-Armand Verneuil
Maybe casinos in Vegas run like that. But not in Belgium/France
Comment from : Pierre-Armand Verneuil

Joe Bacon
fucking boring
Comment from : Joe Bacon

Lol K
Why does he say the freshbooks ad so slow x)
Comment from : Lol K

Josh Ryan
Someone needs to type ‘Mike Postle’ into YouTube, cheating isn’t always prevented.
Comment from : Josh Ryan

Man I live in Las Vegas and I recognize more than half the casino stock footage lol.
Comment from : thegaygaymerchannel

Jeffrey McDowell
I got escorted out of a casino because one of our group did just that, used one of the potted planters for a urinal. It happened in the early 70s.
Comment from : Jeffrey McDowell

Potato Rekt
Well, I only play poker, unless the game is rigged, both me and the house win in the long term.
Comment from : Potato Rekt

EnzoEnzo EMEA
Les Vegas was built by losers.
Comment from : EnzoEnzo EMEA

David RIley
only the high value chips have RFID......usually $1000 and higher
Comment from : David RIley

Jay S
About half of what came out of his mouth is 100% true
Comment from : Jay S

Eric Melonzon
Big Kim?
Comment from : Eric Melonzon

Sheldon Cooper
Actually, in the Bellagio heist, the casino didn't simply invalidate the stolen chips and end of story. They were only able to invalidate the $25,000 chips. Busting Vegas revealed that he was able to use $5,000 chips and lower, slowly but surely at the tables and cashing out chips that he didn't originally steal. His big betting caught the casinos' attention, which led the FBI to launch a sting, tricking the thief into selling the invalidated $25,000 chips to an undercover agent.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

BakVis Studio's
2:38 southpark reference?
Comment from : BakVis Studio's

James Bellegarde
I work in a casino in modern casinos actually expect 70-90% of profit to come from slot machines, not 2/3.
Comment from : James Bellegarde

Code Exodus
Even claw machines have the power for grip tension randomized based on pay in value.
Comment from : Code Exodus

my struggles of have autism
I never gambled though i wasted a lot of Money in games/League of legends skins or so like 5 grand
Comment from : my struggles of have autism

Marcus W
ohh... the good old days of techquickie. Get back to that kinda content!
Comment from : Marcus W

Ben Klassen
The better to fleece you out of your hard-earned money...
Lost Wages

Comment from : Ben Klassen

Botong Lin
Who would have thought that casinos are scams
Comment from : Botong Lin

Will makeup help?
Comment from : LaxBboys

Elijah Puga
Suddenly i want to watch Ocean's again. LoL
Comment from : Elijah Puga

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