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Sam Li
Comment from : Sam Li

simon huang
Evil America will try anything to destroy it kkk no one going to America to gambles anymore kkkkk
Comment from : simon huang

Cambodia didn’t really make profit of it . But Sihanoukvillie has grown in a ways. So it’s good and bad
Comment from : Delikaadann

His protection from China triad. And he fool of shit.
Comment from : 2krazy2001

listenup pilgram
Good for the Chinese, very bad for the poor Cambodians
Comment from : listenup pilgram

ហូ ជិមិញ Ho Chi Minh
Cambodia will be ruled by me in 6 short years when all Sihanoukville casinos are completely built.
Comment from : ហូ ជិមិញ Ho Chi Minh

That's American greenbacks in the cash drawer and where are all the Chinese restaurants?
Comment from : fire5479

will liam
Haha How can cheap backpacking tourists compete? They're on a string budget. So shouldn't the locals be happy?
Comment from : will liam

Linda M
Stop lying
Comment from : Linda M

Tous Shong
Yup, I feel bad to the local restaurant owners. He's right about the Chinese only at Chinese restaurants supporting oneself. Beside, they come and dive up the cost of living and soon all the local will be force to move out so nothing left but the Chinese people living in Cambodian. Same thing will happen to their boarder neighbor Lao too. LOL
Comment from : Tous Shong

Comment from : T S

I guess China is conquering Asia again
Comment from : CubixGamma

Hafiz Khazali
..." Chinese always go to the Chinese restaurants..." and ironically before the came..they said they wanted to help local communities..hmmm
Comment from : Hafiz Khazali

Hafiz Khazali
The end....
Comment from : Hafiz Khazali

Winter Warrior
It’s ironic the western whites are getting kicked out 😂
Comment from : Winter Warrior

Plain bread
"So the income goes all back to the Chinese people." Some real truth about Chinese people.
Comment from : Plain bread

That's some bullshit ! The Cambodians need to organize and give these bastards a living hell on earth. Make it so that they will never want to visit again.
Comment from : J P

英 Ying
An entertainment hub in SEA. Damn, who would have thought that? The Cambodian gov't better make good use of the tax revenues and FDI.
Comment from : 英 Ying

Moving those budget westerners out can boost Cambodia's economy
Comment from : River

Jannes Hutajulu
Colonization by economy
Comment from : Jannes Hutajulu

想来柬旅游, 换汇,转账,想进赌场贵宾厅玩的可以联系微信号 chatting123456789
Comment from : 李大仁

Fucking Chinese people, go back to where you come from scumbag. You are giving my people a hard times. They’re already going thru so many hardships in life.
Comment from : Peaktra

John Sandvik
Is this some old Khmer Rouge shit selling their country to the Chinese?
Comment from : John Sandvik

Cool So Cool
I just don’t think Westerners would go to that restaurant and eat there. Best example, the interviewer.
Comment from : Cool So Cool

Bong Na
Comment from : Bong Na

Tinong Cardenas
Cambodian should patronize their food as the chinese did just like here in the philippines only chinese eat at chinese restaurant
Comment from : Tinong Cardenas

Kalas Atwater
Comment from : Kalas Atwater

Pholla Lang
Comment from : Pholla Lang

Eric Loo
A Chinese-Philippines scholar, Amy Chua already written this case in her book "World on Fire ". Malaysia and Singapore had mostly filled the income gaps between the races.
Comment from : Eric Loo

kh Dn
Comment from : kh Dn

phil phil
Many cambodians were.very dishonest.with all kind of scams.
Comment from : phil phil

America 1st MAGA
Fuck the Chinese!
Comment from : America 1st MAGA

Wang cheng Channel
Not good for people you’re very very difficult and dangerous for your people and country your hot country and China country your not country only China only Asia country not freedom very dangerous
Comment from : Wang cheng Channel

Feeney Chan
Khmer government is Fucking up
Comment from : Feeney Chan

Biên Hòa Memories
Tụi tàu trung cộng sẽ giết dân Cam Bốt - VN - Asians,,.....
Comment from : Biên Hòa Memories

Y Nguyen
NO gambling any Place....in the World !.....You will be Homeless to Soon for your life ?
Comment from : Y Nguyen

Sihanouk Ville used to be beautiful sight tourist attraction and now it’s completely destroyed, Nobody go there anymore. The city is full of chinese imbeciles. Phnom Penh will be next.
Comment from : MILLEN LA FLEUR

Bob Builder
Chinese don't just eat chinese food. They will try foreign food as well, provided the food is nice and reasonably priced. Just like any tourist, this is human nature.
China investment is about trade, infrastructures like roads and bridges etc, not casinos. It is the Cambodia government rights to accept or reject the financing, nobody forced them to agree. Cambodia government has the rights and full control of the country's future, not China.
The restaurant owner should find ways like get chinese to cook for him, changed the local food styles to suit foreigners taste buds and not sit there moaning.
Nothing stays unchanged, if you accept and see the changes as an opportunity, you will survive.

Comment from : Bob Builder

Ragnvald David
This American idiot narrator. "Sahanokville". Horrendously illiterate. Nauseatingly bad pronunciation skills.
Comment from : Ragnvald David

Kelvynn Lee
3:19 Start making Chinese food.
Comment from : Kelvynn Lee

Once again CNA has failed to ask the hard questions.

Cowboy Bebop
F*ck the Chinese and there cash.
The locals need to put an end to the corrupt government.

Comment from : Cowboy Bebop

Mohamed A. Hussein
"Chinese people always want to eat Chinese Food!"
I'm Somali. I will never eat Chinese Food, if I can find a Somali food joint near by...... This Cambodian fella is lazy bemoaning the loss of his Western packbacking beach bums..... Moveover Yank, thar are Chinamen in town.! My Cambodian friend should learn Mandarin and/or take in a Chinese Partner for now. He is still young. He can still become a real Kmer.

Comment from : Mohamed A. Hussein

david lee
Casinos are providing jobs to the locals and abundant tax income for the government. The customers are from outside, meaning they pour money to Cambodia. How could any sane man assert negative effect ? Only red-eyed Yankees would complain. Then again, you can fly to Las Vegas and file your complaints and they will toss you into the valleys !
Comment from : david lee

Bohan Liang
Instead of facing the upcoming global competition, these Cambodian just blame the Chinese and complain. Suckers. It's capitalism and globalization.
Comment from : Bohan Liang

C’est devenu n’importe quoi Sihanoukville depuis que les Chinois se sont installés là bas.
Comment from : vuth77

phil phil
The states.of the gambling paradise with all.kind of the scams .reporting the high scale of corruption where the people.are.living in the povwety of the muserable life.
Comment from : phil phil

phil phil
The nasty.poor uncivilised country.nothing to.expect.there.
Comment from : phil phil

True North Strong and Free
Look out Cambodia! Your next...if it’s already not too late! Racist Chinese breaking all the rules in Fiji in an attempt to built a huge resort and casino. Their tactics probably work in China but the rest of the world sees what their long range plans are. The Fijians made a huge mistake by letting China build a port for them! youtu.be/T1UrPJzi0XU
We need to stop the locusts before they destroy everything! EVERY country signing up for the BRI will suffer the same fate! They are natural resource and infrastructure control driven. They stop at nothing. Notice they kept working even though there were “stop work” orders posted at the property. Shows the arrogance and lack of appreciation for the environment and the people. Very common scenario when dealing with them as their orders come from Beijing!
And now Tonga too has a problem with Chinese influence!
China is destroying the South Pacific, one nation at a time!

Comment from : True North Strong and Free

True North Strong and Free
Yeah....let’s all jump on Emperor Xi’s dream of the Silk Road. As he always says, it’s a win-win situation........really means win/China-win/China...Cambodia is the BIG LOSER HERE!
Comment from : True North Strong and Free

Joy Soul Soul
finish country if cina in,all become gamble, gamble is bad.
Comment from : Joy Soul Soul

sokmach chhorn
transform sihanoukville into wht ?
Comment from : sokmach chhorn

M. Nurhaikal
What a sad state
Comment from : M. Nurhaikal

Sok Heng
ខ្ញុំរកមើលមិនឃើញមានជនជាតិខ្មែរខមមិនទេ ឬមួយខ្មែរខ្លាចខ្មាស់គេចង់លើកស្ទួយសញ្ជាតិខ្លួនយាងមេចបើអត់ស្រលាញ់អក្សឯងផងនឹង បើខ្ញុំនិយាយមិនល្អ ឲ្យខ្ញុំសុំទោសផង🙏
Comment from : Sok Heng

Nguyễn Quang Học
Play with China but don't let them touch you, Cambodia friends.
From Vietnam.

Comment from : Nguyễn Quang Học

Gambler rather not eat. They saving their money for gambling. I feel so bad for those small business people, It is so wrong to treat your own people that way.
Comment from : An

Jimmy Fernando
Lim i met him in le macau casino b4 two years ago
Comment from : Jimmy Fernando

Cánh Thép Channel
China will be destroyed Cambodia
Comment from : Cánh Thép Channel

Jerry Roo
If u are unable to compete, u have capabilities problem....meritocracy and natural selection ....it is cruel but that's reality in everywhere around the world... that's called capitalism. Learn it Cambodians... CAPITALISM
Comment from : Jerry Roo

James Tan
Gambling is never for good. All losers no winners
Comment from : James Tan

Laughing HaHaHa
Chinese creat a place to laundering their ill gotten wealth
Comment from : Laughing HaHaHa

Roosevelt Franklin
屌  一帶一路!
Comment from : Roosevelt Franklin

Ho Chi Wang
Western back packers are  dirty and poor its good that they gone.
Comment from : Ho Chi Wang

САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips
Comment from : САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips

САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips
You are adulterating Cambodia once again. Its a shit
Comment from : САЩАДИКАЙ Majapahit Philips

Eric Hoe
the local government need money n not control abt it so who suffer, they should try protesting, as we all know China investment everywhere in the world they get benefit from it
Comment from : Eric Hoe

lea lee
Chinese dirty everywhere they go, even in the US. Every China towns are a big mess.
Comment from : lea lee

phil phil
Comment from : phil phil

phil phil
Almost the cambodia peoples were living in gambling and robbery by proceding some criminal activity that the city was controled by the.local.mafia .
Comment from : phil phil

jannvs ahri
Cambodia is a shithole
Comment from : jannvs ahri

Serena Chen
Actually China should leave this people alone let them be poor forever.
Comment from : Serena Chen

Brandon Lee suriyacheay Yamashiro
Comment from : Brandon Lee suriyacheay Yamashiro

phil phil
So many cambodia were very dishonest just like the african as well.the paradisee of gambling and gangsters with all kind of scams.
Comment from : phil phil

Like any tourist business, adapt to the new demographic. Start learning to cook new meals that appeal to the new tourists and be like the casino worker and learn new language.
Comment from : Tony

Heng Srun
វីឌីអូនិយាយអំពីប្រទេសខ្មែរ ជនជាតិខ្មែរជាច្រើនខមិន តែមិនបាននាំយកអក្សរខ្មែរមកជាមួយសោះ។
Comment from : Heng Srun

Petter TJK
It's also Khmer go to eat Chinese foods
Comment from : Petter TJK

Simone King
I'm surprised these building didn't collapse yet lol .. Chinese always known to keep money in their own community....
Comment from : Simone King

Chris Hansen
Everywhere the CCP go they destroy. In 10 years Cambodia will be another Chinese state. Xi is a dog.
Comment from : Chris Hansen

steve mean
Great work Khmer Government. Best place to laundry Chinese corrupt money.
Comment from : steve mean

Comment from : dan020350

Hans Lund
Read the sign outside a casino , it says no westerners
Comment from : Hans Lund

alt coin
The Chi-Coms ruin everything they touch.
Comment from : alt coin

Calvin Wongn
Ugly Chinese like what was the ugly American! Never thinking about others only their own pockets! Sad!!!
Comment from : Calvin Wongn

The Chinese tourists have been slowly killing the economies in these eastern asian countries such as Vietnam. Chinese are everywhere in these part of the regions.
Comment from : CLAM BAKE

Dj Remix EDM
ខ្ញុំស្រឡាញ់ ❤️កម្ពុជា។
Comment from : Dj Remix EDM

richnow 168
China is sucking and looting Cambodia money !!!
Comment from : richnow 168

Sun Shine
How come the restaurant owner does not prepare Chinese food even he knows the it will sell very well? Before the Chinese comes, Cambodia never have any Chinese food? How stupid?
Comment from : Sun Shine

your company sucks


Comment from : your company sucks

Marc Cohen
The Chinese are slowly destroying the Cambodia, thanks to the courrpted government. The Cambodian are suffering together with the environment.
Comment from : Marc Cohen

Cambodia will be China’s province in the next 10 years. GJ China. Let’s go grab all their land!
Comment from : 成達陳

world peace
Sin city
Comment from : world peace

John 88
Some Casinos there are owned by Malaysian tycoons..
Comment from : John 88

Bruce Wayne
So it's ok for America to exploit Caribbean countries and workers in China and Bangladesh. But China investing in Cambodia is somehow evil?
Comment from : Bruce Wayne

I don’t know how to feel about this. Is it right to say they traded their cultural identity for money?
Comment from : Liro

Usd Cad
Chinaoukkville. Cambodian people sold their countries to china. They deserve communism genocide and polpot again if they can not learn on their own mistakes in history
Comment from : Usd Cad

Khmerminn Sota
We stop going to Chinaville for a few years now. It's very sad but true!
Comment from : Khmerminn Sota

super man
Chinese tourist go and visit my country Philippines it's more fun
Comment from : super man

Yes, local guys should instead of waiting start selling seafood or barbecue. Know what the chinese tourists want. No only Chinese food which the can get back home but some local dishes.
Comment from : Cosmo

Chinese..nobody like you
Comment from : Roast

yo dasxi
Evil China money wasted on 💩hole countries like Cambodia and Malaysia, Chinese govt should make Chinese rich and give free Chinese money to local Chinese businesses only.
Comment from : yo dasxi

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