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Liverpool FC
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Comment from : Liverpool FC

No one understands how much my girls soccer team needs this
Comment from : Jamie

Huzefa C
It feels like Football version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
Comment from : Huzefa C

LFC Spectre
Any chance Training S:O:S can help Rep Of Ireland team because they are rubbish these days.
Comment from : LFC Spectre

George Booth
At the training ground I train at 😂❤️
Comment from : George Booth

Barnes is coaching very well IMO
Comment from : alltyo

sam wren
John barnes next Liverpool manager mans on fire 🔥
Comment from : sam wren

ParhanaAkbar Daniel
please translate Indonesian, because there are many fans here🙏🏻💥
Comment from : ParhanaAkbar Daniel

Sikander Fareed
Liverpool FC I love u 3000
Comment from : Sikander Fareed

isaac bird
Next season on trying sos
Liverpool fc

Comment from : isaac bird

nice to see loyal irish fans getting a dig out
Comment from : fistingendakenny

Henry Allan
Love these sessions. Connections are always important - stay connected with grassroots and reinforce the love of the game. Be real to those who play the 'Sunday' games. The thrill on the faces of the players is priceless. Great way to give back. And love the laughter, you can almost feel their thrill and enjoyment.
Wish I was there.

Comment from : Henry Allan

huy nguyen van
i love liverpool fc win mancity
Comment from : huy nguyen van

Anonymous Neo
Liverpool are scary this season
Comment from : Anonymous Neo

These videos are great
Comment from : johnmichaelwilson

I'm in love with this, I think this should be made into a hour long program on bbc or itv or something, this has potential to be great.
Comment from : tony19uk

Robert Moore
That’s in Ireland at the start of the video
Comment from : Robert Moore

Ubvr Ubvr
Bbooooo liverpool
Comment from : Ubvr Ubvr

Can't wait for the next one!
Comment from : Benji_Makoto

Marcella Gavin
Thats absolutely fantastic. Great team spirit.
Comment from : Marcella Gavin

kuro mashin
Man City wins EPL!!
Comment from : kuro mashin

Big john Price
Chelsea fans calling salah a bomber even though he’s played at their club before makes sense
Comment from : Big john Price

smail ben
عربي مر من هنا
Comment from : smail ben

Comment from : J66

Aaron T
jason's got a potty mouth
Comment from : Aaron T

Patrick Henderson
Dublin Bus won a game
Comment from : Patrick Henderson

John Barnes should get into managing.
Comment from : Lucas

officer tenpenny
I hope you help chelsea too cuz they need help
Comment from : officer tenpenny

fatima altamimi
where is salah and lovren episode????
Comment from : fatima altamimi

Liv erp double o l Liverpool fc
Comment from : Polsop

Timothy Reeves
Wish we'd lose this sponsor. Not a fan of sponsors that prey on people's addictions. Not much of a difference between BetVictor and Marlboro in my eyes.
Comment from : Timothy Reeves

Ace Dragon
now go to Burnley
Comment from : Ace Dragon

Wolfie Animations
John Barnes
Comment from : Wolfie Animations

Kelan De Brún
Come up to donegal and help an U16 team thats only won 1 game in the last year and a half
Comment from : Kelan De Brún

Up the Irish 🇮🇪❤️
Comment from : TonY_FlaG

Wolfie Animations
Mcatere legend 👍
Comment from : Wolfie Animations

Lovely since born _
I love you Liverpool FC❤
Comment from : Lovely since born _

This is real training and help unlike Man City's Pep Talks which is just lip service for a day.
Comment from : clzm90

Looks like McAteer is getting his credentials ready for an eventual professional coaching job 👀👀
Comment from : Ned

Samuel Rash
I'm a Cameroonian I play football
Comment from : Samuel Rash

Az Az
Comment from : Az Az

Asif Khan
Ladies and gentlemen, John Barnes.
Comment from : Asif Khan

CØŁĐ_A Studio
Hi liverpool what i have to do i want to play for liverpool??
Comment from : CØŁĐ_A Studio

Boss official
Liver pool funs plz subescribe
Comment from : Boss official

Mohamed Ahsanullah
next season on training S.O.S: Manchester United
Comment from : Mohamed Ahsanullah

Solomon Asanfo
Hi from Ghana Omanpe 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
Comment from : Solomon Asanfo

Hamid Kamel
Mo Salah the reason of the season.
Comment from : Hamid Kamel

Hamid Kamel
How for Mo Salah not to be amongst the list of the best 11 footballers this year?!
21 goals what puts him on top of all
8 assists
69 goals over all
And then Salah is not Number 1?!
What on earth is going on?!!!!!

Comment from : Hamid Kamel

Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035
This is an excellent series
Comment from : Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035

Joshua Cleary Byrne
I live in Ashford right beside greystones
Comment from : Joshua Cleary Byrne

Bil Ashabi
Keep it going
Comment from : Bil Ashabi

พรชัย ประทุมชาติ
Comment from : พรชัย ประทุมชาติ

steven clark
Cool hope they improve big time..
Comment from : steven clark

leen alrasheed
I'm glad this series is back
Comment from : leen alrasheed

Defend Qs
Şampiyon Liverpool ✓
Comment from : Defend Qs

love this series
Comment from : DoggyDog

jack MoN
Goat Messi will beat reds for Wednesday
Comment from : jack MoN

Adel Mohamed
Hello, good morning, do you have branches in Alexandria?
Comment from : Adel Mohamed

ABSays S0
when is the next episode coming out
Comment from : ABSays S0

Adel Mohamed
هذه جيدا جدا وطيب ان أكون معكم
Comment from : Adel Mohamed

ABSays S0
training looks fun. will play for liverpool one day
Comment from : ABSays S0

Nice series
Comment from : Peasant

King Awali
Liverpool are spreading their love nd support 👍

If u not scared Barcelona nd hve confidence our team 👋 You really Blood liverpool fan

Comment from : King Awali

نفحات اسلامية ايمانية
ان شاء الله ليفربول يربح الدووري

Comment from : نفحات اسلامية ايمانية

david black
I play for greystones united but im under 12s
Comment from : david black

Wichukorn Wantu
Comment from : Wichukorn Wantu

Ijust meme
Comment from : Ijust meme

Real messyEstate
Liverpool i hope you get double this season, make the reds great agains!!!
Comment from : Real messyEstate

What's up with the camera
Comment from : XR•MeNTalZ☆

Comment from : FOGUS ZAZA

Zayyan Hussain
Comment from : Zayyan Hussain

jack MoN
Who support goat Messi🐂🐂 🖐️👊
Comment from : jack MoN

Dee Tour
Next video.... Inside barca 🙏
Comment from : Dee Tour

5-0 I was there
Comment from : Limerick

Liverpool fc spreading the love
Comment from : Abongile

Fred f
Need help with a levels
Comment from : Fred f

Cooper Trooper53
Come on Liverpool and also pls like his and screw man city
Comment from : Cooper Trooper53

Sonny G
Comment from : Sonny G

Omg Itz Shadow Boy
Comment from : Omg Itz Shadow Boy

Dylan Lancaster
Yes ladssss
Comment from : Dylan Lancaster

เตวิชญ์ วิวัฒน์
First like
Comment from : เตวิชญ์ วิวัฒน์

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